Politics :: A 10th-century Arab’s depiction of Ancient Russia (Page 8 of 8)

Despite its mystery and lack of certainty in terms of the ethnic cultures subjected to his observations, as well as his religious and ethnic bias and probable second-hand credibility, the journals of Ahmad ibn Fadlan and other Arab and Iranian Muslim scholars give us among the first depictions of the pre-Christian Finns, Slavs, and possibly Hungarians over a millennium before our time.

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It is the custom of the king of the Rus to have with him in his palace four hundred men, the bravest of his companions and those on whom he can rely. When he needs to answer a call of nature, he uses a basin….The cloth of these lands and localities is famous, especially that of their capital, which is called Kyawh. These are the men who die with him and let themselves be killed for him….These four hundred men sit about the king’s throne, which is immense and encrusted with fine precious stones. Occasionally he has intercourse with one of them in the presence of his companions of whom we have spoken, without coming down from the throne. Famous and noted cities of the Rus are Crsk and Hrqh.

—. With him on the throne sit forty female slaves destined for his bed

Super Bowl Illegal bets may top $4 Billion; It’s time to legalize sports betting

is inevitable.

The AGA is closely examining the current state of sports betting, the laws that govern it and the best way forward for the gaming industry, Geoff Freeman, the AGAs president and chief executive officer, said in e-mailed remarks shared today at a meeting of the U.S. reported was wagered on the Super Bowl last season, and it has to make sports gamblers across the country shake their heads at why sports gambling isn’t legal in other states. Even NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said last September at a Bloomberg Sports Business Summit that legal sports gambling throughout the U.S. The Patriots and Seahawks are so evenly matched that not many experts are sure who will win the big game this Sunday. Conference of Mayors in Washington.

“Sports gaming should be brought out of the underground and into the sunlight where it can be appropriately monitored and regulated. Most states have a casino or two in them where you can wagers on almost anything under the sun.

According to American Gaming Association, you can legally bet on sports in four states – Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana.

According to a MSN (Bloomberg) report, illegal betting in the U.S. Also daily lotteries, Mega Millions, Power Ball and local state run games are everywhere, yet sports seems to be a taboo for one reason or another. Yes, that’s billion with a capital B! If so, that would be almost 38 times more than Nevada casinos typically accept in wagers on the National Football League championship. The AGA is examining if they should extend that option to other states.

Legalizing sports wagering could literally help the US with many financial problems and possibly prevent higher state and national taxes every year for the same things, such as fixing the roads.

The 2015 Super Bowl match-up is truly one for the ages. According to the American Gaming Association, Americans will wager about $3.8 billion dollars illegally on the big game this upcoming Sunday, Feb. Silver said in a New York Times post.

Now, compare that to the $119.4 million the Nevada Gaming Control Board. 1, the Washington-based casino industry trade group said.. Legalize sports wagering, tax the players when they win just like any other gaming situation would, and watch the revenue roll in. One thing is for sure, Las Vegas sports books know that no matter who wins this super match-up it will lead to a super chunk of money wagered on the game. Surprisingly, a lot more money will be wagered illegally on Super Bowl XLIX then will be legally, which has to make one think – why isn’t sports gambling legal already?

When you think of how much money could legally be generated from legalizing sports wagering on the “big four” sports (NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA) it is almost comical NOT to legalize it – especially when you look at what people can wager on already today. on the Super Bowl could top $4 billion this weekend

NBA Rising Stars Challenge 2016 live stream online info, rosters & game odds

At Bovada online sports book, Andrew Wiggins is the +260 favorite to win the MVP award, followed by Towns at +450, Porizingis at +600, Jahlil Okafor at +850 and Zach Levine at +1000.

Friday night’s NBA Rising Stars Challenge has a scheduled start time of 9 p.m. Cable and satellite subscribers who have TNT as part of their package can also watch the full game with commentary live streaming online at TNT Drama website. The World team will feature Bojan Bogdanovic (Nets), Clint Cappela (Rockets), Mario Hezonja (Nuggets), Nikola Jokic (Nuggets), Trey Lyles (Jazz), Emmanuel Mudiay (Nuggets), Raul Neto (Jazz), Kristaps Porzingis (Knicks), Dwight Powell (Mavs) and Andrew Wiggins (Timberwolves). The game will feature the top five players drafted in the 2015 NBA Draft last June including rookie of the year frontrunners Towns and Porzingis. Among them will be Minnesota Timberwolves stars Andrew Wiggins, Zach Levine and Karl-Anthony Towns as well as New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis and D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers. The over/under points total is set at 272-1/2 points for the complete game, as these are usually not defensive-minded contests. Team World with many of the best young players in the league competing. On the moneyline, they’re -240 favorites with Team World a +200 underdog. Other prop bets exist including first team to score and first team to score 40 points in the game. The Toronto native is averaging 20.8 points per game and will lead the World Team in tonight’s matchup at Air Canada Centre. He’ll have Porzingis’ help, but will be up against his TWolves teammates in Levine and Towns, making for some interesting action.

The NBA Rising Stars Challenge 2016 live stream online and televised matchup on Friday night features Team USA vs. There will be free live streaming online coverage at the TNT Overtime website featuring four different camera feeds from around the court. Among sophomore players, Wiggins continues to stand out. That will give fans a chance to see some of the best rookie and sophomore players in the league.

The 5Dimes online sports book currently shows the USA All-Stars as six-point favorites to win tonight’s matchup. Live television coverage will be available to United States viewers on TNT. The two teams will go at it for bragging rights ahead of All-Star Saturday night and of course, the All-Star game itself on Sunday. team roster will feature Jordan Clarkson (Lakers), Rodney Hood (Jazz), Zach Levine (Timberwolves), Nerlens Noel (Sixers), Kahlil Okafor (Sixers), Jabari Parker (Bucks), Elfrid Payton (Magic), D’Angelo Russell (Lakers), Marcus Smart (Celtics) and Karl-Anthony Towns (Timberwolves). For live audio commentary, Sirius XM Satellite Radio will have coverage of NBA All-Star events on channel 207 throughout the weekend.

. Eastern Time. Towns currently averages over 17 points and 10 rebounds per game with nearly two blocked shots, while Porzingis averages 13.9 points, 7.7 rebounds and nearly two blocks as well. 10 report, Newsday reported that the U.S. The 2016 NBA Rising Stars Challenge live streaming and TV coverage will arrive through TNT network on Friday.

In a Feb

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When Buddhists Attack, A Brilliant Work on Zen and the Martial Arts

Frequently, this is because they are not designed as introductory texts.

Venturing into other Topics

Read my hub reviewing the book Campfire Tales from Hell

Check out:

Clear and to the Point

Then Along Came When Buddhists Attack.

Those that have a love for the martial arts and their traditional roots traced to Zen Buddhism will find this work to be one of the best ever published. The topic is not lost amidst a lot of confusing mumbo jumbo that permeates so many inaccessible philosophical works.

While there are many brilliant and classic such as Zen Theory, Zen Practice, Zen and Japanese Culture, The Unfettered Mind, and others, those works might not be easily understood by those that are completely new to Zen philosophy. Once you gain a clear understanding of basic Zen principles and you see how these principles proved appealing to the samurai class in Japan, a great deal about the connection between the martial arts and a religion/philosophy that professes non-violence flow so seamlessly together. . Namely, they will be discovering how and why Zen theory grew to be so interconnected with the martial arts. Mann has authored one of the more interesting works that delves into the relationship between Zen Buddhism and the martial arts. Among the most interesting charters would be the one on mushin and mindfulness. Mushin deals with the theory of no mind which is, mainly, being in the moment of what you are doing. Mann effectively points out that the highest cultivation of mushin is being lost in the moment of what one is doing while also being consciously aware of one’s surroundings. If you want to learn not only about Zen theory but also wish to see a connection between the martial arts and Zen, many of the classic works can sometimes be difficult to sift through. While many martial arts books are forgotten about shorting after being published, this is one that will likely become a classic.

Two of the more interesting chapters are The Warriors’ Zen: Initial Attraction and The Warriors’ Zen: An Established Relationship.

Jeffry R. Entitled When Buddhists Attack: The Curious Relationship Between Zen and the Martial Arts, this is one of the best works to emerge in recent years capable of putting the connection between Zen and the fighting arts into its proper historical context. This is an attribute that would be extremely important to a trained martial artist.

Reflections on Cynicism, Truth and Liberation in the Zen Notion of Life is Suffering

In this work, Mann goes into great (yet simply described) detail on what Zen Buddhism is and also offers insights into the many different schools of Indian, Chinese and Japanese Zen. In particular, the reader learns how and why martial arts and Zen theory became so intertwined in Japanese culture. What makes this work so engaging is the fact it is written for the laymen looking for a very clear and concise tome that discusses the subject in an accessible way. These chapters cover the crux of the material many will be reading the book to learn. In other words, you can actually understand what it is Mann is trying to get across. Later in the book, we learn a little bit about how the western cultures began to embrace this unique mix of Zen theory and the combative arts.

The work covers the somewhat misunderstood practice of meditation and why it is integral to Zen Buddhist training. The most common misconception about mushin would be that it revolves around the notion of concentrating on a particular task at the exclusion of all else

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High School Senior Project Ideas

It gives the faculty an idea of how a student is when it comes to teamwork and leadership skills as well.


Nostradamus Predictions and Armageddon

Immigration and Emigration Situation

Drug Abuse

Topics List for Projects

Rape Statistics

Poverty Statistics

Legalizing Marijuana

Senior year in high school can be a pretty tedious time of projects and semester submissions. In this way you can up your chances in getting that A grade.

Organizing school event to raise funds. Coaching the soccer team for kids Assisting the elderly in old age homes. Choreograph dance or organize school play. Come up with a picture book for kids. Short documentary or film presentation. Putting away trash in your town. Organize a musical instruments performance. Donations to the homeless and needy. Volunteer at an orphanage. Take care of injured animals at a homeless animal center. Take classes for toddlers in kindergarten. Intern at a place which you’d like to one day specialize in. Give a class on languages or on how to drive a car. Decorate cakes and sell them door to door. Video compilation of high school years. Build a dog kennel. Organize a charity event. Build something after taking carpentry lessons. Take cooking classes and prepare meals for the faculty. Fundraisers for the poor/sick/physical or mentally challenged. Offer door to door help in fixing any household damages. Easy sewing project for beginners, by joining knitting classes. Put together a magazine of tattoo artists in your neighborhood, town or city. Find out about pet adoptions for a week, and compile a list of how you/the group took care of them.

These senior project ideas can really be a bonding tool when it comes to interacting with others in your class. Evolution

Child Adoption

Vampires: Myth or Reality?

Human Cloning

There are two ways to go about senior project topics, either written/presented or actively done over a period of time. Find out ways and means on how to make your project a one-of-a-kind creation, that is both fun and serves as a good learning experience.After you have all you need to put these projects together, come up with a way to record all that you do by collecting forms/signatures or certified proof, to show that you’ve completed the task at hand. Here you’ll find topics on subjects that you can either write an essay about after research, organize as a debate/discussion, make a presentation about or do a survey on.

Psychological Effects of LSD

Sex Education

Man vs. It’s added pressure to an already cramped schedule of tests and exams, while also keeping up with a heavy syllabus. So depending on what is asked of you, look out for topics relating to either of the two. Projects need to be well thought out – about how to go about it and which subject area would serve your purpose well. Pornography

Here you’ll come across unique project ideas, for those doing group/solo projects that need time, and effort. In a group, a project is easier done, since everyone is assigned a particular task, making it easier to finish. It’s a fun activity, plus you get graded for all that hard work you and your teammates put into it. Machine

History of US Presidents

Government Conspiracies

Life on Mars. The stronger the topic foundation, the easier it is for you to do well. So when your professor/teacher asks you to prepare a project that is meaningful and requires a good plan of action, you’ll find here that these high school senior project ideas will suffice.

Project Ideas for High School Seniors

Birth Control

Global Warming

Albert Einstein Theories

Identity Theft

Child Abuse and Trafficking

Non Profit Organizations

Power of Prayer

Reincarnation Beliefs

Underage Marriages

Gaming Era

Nuclear Fission

Human Rights

US Constitution

Long Term Effects of Narcotics Use

Creation vs. Solo projects require a lot of research work done on your part, that is put together with systematic precision

Ecommerce :: High Risk ACH Offshore Merchant Account Check Payment Processing Services : Merchant ICL Solution

At CcNet we understand the importance of facilitating Internet merchants, whether high risk or offshore, with merchant accounts that offer the most reliable and secure transaction features and credit card processing. Whether you accept check payments over the phone, through the web, or via secure FTP batch upload process youll enjoy superior payment processing coupled with unmatched reporting with our new revolutionary payment process.

Why should merchants use this service and not ACH?

With ACH you normally have a 3rd party processor in the middle which holds your funds in THEIR settlement account. We will provide a high risk merchant account in the USA or an offshore merchant account. Unlike other payment companies who restrict Merchants who sell tangible products or any type of service which requires the delivery of an item, either via email or postal mail.

We understand the importance of your business and your success is our success!


CcNet provides high risk merchant accounts for credit card processing. Please note that CcNet does NOT restrict the kind or type of products and or services a client is looking to offer. Both virtual and physical products are acceptable.

Obtain a credit card merchant account from GFS for you high risk merchant account needs. Typically these funds are deposited into your account 5 business days later. Even if you have had chargeback problems in the past, we can still assist you.

Contact us at : sales@cardcommerce.net



CcNet will review your business model, business procedures, processing history and assist you in the process of changing or modifying your business model, procedures, etc.

- Low Rates

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We accept all merchants who need a Merchant Services account for Mail Order / Telephone Order, Direct Marketing, eCommerce, Website subscriptions and memberships, allowing users to access password-protected, Web-based content business requirements. Internet merchants from diverse industries are benefiting from our services including high risk merchants like adult entertainment, online pharmacies, online casinos, sportsbooks, bingo, betting exchanges, pre-paid cards, e-wallets, travel, e-wallet, replica products, and more.

CardCommerce.Net is an organization of people dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence through scalable, affordable and flexible e-commerce solutions regardless of their line of business and geographical base.

High Risk Check Processing

Cutting edge electronic check acceptance process that is revolutionizing payment processing for both High and Low Risk Merchants!

This Patent Pending, check acceptance service is for merchants who desire faster settlement, reduced returns, the near elimination of chargeback, and complete control of their settlement account.

Pure ACH High Risk setup for US merchants has below features. With our service NACHA regulations in regards to returns or chargeback do not apply so you dont have to worry about pointless regulations put in place to limit the amount of business you can do.

Who Should Use This Service?

Merchants who need quicker funding when compared to ACH

Merchants that are not interested in funding a reserve account

Merchants in high risk industries

Merchants that have had issues with NACHA NACHA regulations in regards to returns and chargebacks dont apply. However, once you terminate their service you might not see that reserve for up to two years, if ever. Additionally, if your ACH processor goes out of business not only do you lose your funds in your reserve account, but the funds in the settlement account, that you DO NOT own, are also lost.

Finally, if you have processed ACH transactions in the past and have drawn the ire of NACHA because of excessive returns or chargeback youll never have to worry about that again.

Provide subscription, One-time and Recurring billing solutions

Full Merchant Sales Tracking & Administrative Tools

Timely and Reliable Payments from the Bank

Advanced Antifraud Protection

Multicurrency Processing – Accept funds in 18 different currencies.

Service Benefits

No settlement account You own the account

Checks are electronically deposited into your account daily

24/7 access to Online Reporting and Account Management

Virtually eliminate chargebacks

Submit via batch, API or Virtual Terminal

Proprietary check verification pre-submission scrubs

Download/import real-time reports (Transactions and returns)

No Monthly Fees

Reduce liability and increase profits

No reserve needed on most accounts

Individual and recurring payment receipt options

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CcNet provides our clients with Adult, Travel and High Risk Merchants Accounts, through our state-of-the-art processing solutions and our partnerships with several financial institutions.

As a CcNet Client, you will receive:

Internet Merchant Account that will allow you to accept all Major Domestic and international Credit and Debit Cards.

Accept payments from the buyer’s checking account by ACH; either over the phone, through the mail or on Internet. so that your merchant account will not be classified as a high risk merchant account. And prides itself at being a globally recognized merchant account service provider.

We offer merchant accounts with a reliable payment gateway for real time and batch processing along with a 24/7 customer and technical support service, SSL processing and 3-D Secure available. With our service there is no settlement account held at a 3rd party. Internet merchants worldwide turn to CardCommerce for real time and cost-effective payment solutions.

We recommend the most effective payment processing solutions for our Internet merchants largely depending on the online services and products they sell. All payments are settled the next day directly into a bank account YOU own! Also, depending on what type of industry youre in, ACH processors typically ask for cash reserves to guarantee your account. Internet merchants are assisted through the application process by our team of Internet account managers through consultation and are provided the best Internet merchant account to fit their business needs.

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NFL week five predictions | Examiner.com

To put that in perspective that result would put me in the top 7 out of 13 for both the week and the season when compared to ESPN’s expert picks. San Diego is on a roll and the Jets are having some issues at 1-3. San Diego should win big at home.

Arizona Cardinals Denver Broncos- Broncos

A change was made at QB for the Bills but will that be enough to end the skid? I am going with Detroit who has a defense that can slow down most offenses and they also have play makers on offense.

Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys- Dallas

Last week I went 7-6 out of 13 games to put me at 34-27 for the season for a 55.7% rate of correct picks. The Jaguars are the perfect team to get healthy against.

Kansas City Chiefs San Francisco 49ers- Niners

Baltimore Ravens Indianapolis Colts- Colts

Cleveland Browns Tennessee Titans- Browns

Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots- Bengals

Kirk Cousins finally wet the bed last week, now they face a very good Seahawks defense, Seattle takes this one.

Looks like Dallas is for real, Houston will give them a game but Dallas is on a roll.

Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers- Green Bay

Cardinals have had a nice run but I do not think they can keep up with the pace of the Denver offense.

In any event this week has just two teams taking a break, Miami and Oakland, so we have 15 games to pick from.

Chicago Bears Carolina Panthers- Bears

New York Jets San Diego Chargers- Chargers

Two teams that are 1-3. The Bucs showed signs of life but I am not convinced they can stop anyone yet and the Saints still have weapons on offense.

Buffalo Bills Detroit Lions- Lions

Green Bay finally came to life on offense against the Bears last week. For these two reason I am going with the Bengals.

Eli Manning got his groove back against Washington on the road, Atlanta struggles on defense. The Vikings did as well but I expect Rogers to have another impressive game this week.

Ravens had an impressive win against Carolina goes on the road to take on the red hot Colts who can score points in bunches. This could be a wild shootout but I am going with Manning to outplay Ryan.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Orleans Saints- Saints

Atlanta Falcons New York Giants- New York

Chiefs were impressive on Monday night, Niners shut down the Eagles offense I think the Niners defense is coming around.

Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars- Steelers

The Titans beat KC in week 1 and then have been blown out every game since, The Browns have just one win but they have been competitive in every game, they also had an extra week to prepare for this game.

St. Louis Rams Philadelphia Eagles- Eagles

Will Philly get Shady back in on the action? I say yes. The Bucs beating the Steelers was s surprise and you can see here that I wanted to go with Dallas but waffled on that pick in the last minute.

Panthers have been blown out two weeks in a row, Bears look inconsistent but no one throws more than the Bears and the Panthers are giving up tons of yards through the air all of s sudden.

I do not believe in the Patriots offensive line and I do not believe in their ability for them to stop the run in a tight game. Eagles win.

My Week Five Predictions-

Steelers lost a heart breaker vs Tampa last week after a number of miscues. I think Luck wins this one late for the Colts.

Seattle Seahawks Washington Redskins- Seahawks

Increasing Reading Comprehension by Activating Prior Knowledge

. A lot of times students immediately say that the book doesn’t remind them of anything in their lives. Many popular children’s television shows and movies sometimes have books written to tell other stories with the characters. First, pick a text to read with your child. If your child is not a reader, pick something that is similar to the child’s favorite television show or movie. First read books that will be easy to connect with, and then move on to more difficult books that will be interesting and more difficult to read. For example, if you are reading one of the Harry Potter books, you may find yourself remembering how difficult fitting in at school was when you were a child. Start slowly. The first ones can be very surface level just to practice. Do not settle for that kind of answer! They do not need to find deep and meaningful connections at first. Deeper, more thematic connections will come with time and practice as they increase reading comprehension and improve reading speed.

Once you have found a book that will work, read it with your child and help them to look for connections to the text so they can practice activating prior knowledge. If the only connection your son can find with Harry Potter is that they are both boys, then go with it. Then, instead of seeing words on a page that make no sense, they will begin to see characters and stories that they can relate to and remember. When good readers read a book, they often find things in the book that will remind them of their own experiences or experiences of others. Check your local book store or favorite book selling website. It should be age appropriate and interesting to the child.

Many students are not able to relate to a text when they are reading. Over time, the child will find it easier and easier to make connections with a text they must read. Making these kind of connections help the reader to understand the book and empathize with the characters, which will then increase reading comprehension. They begin to see themselves in the book and relate to the story. Good readers always do this without thinking about it, but it is a skill that can be easily learned.

Making a connection with a book is a learned skill for struggling readers.

It takes time and effort to increase reading comprehension. One of the best things you can do to help a struggling reader increase reading comprehension (and why he or she is reading it), is help them to relate to a text. They feel like they are just forced to read something that has nothing to do with them