How To Get Football Autographs In The Post.

The better the condition of the signed photo the more it is likely to be worth so this is a good step to take. Tags: deer blinds onlineSmart Ways To Find Outdoors Gear For Your Needs By: GoodContent – ALL YOUR SPORTING GOODS YOU’LL EVER NEED IN ONE EASY STOPTags: SPORTS, JERSEYS, EQUIPMENT, OUTDOORS, RECREATIONTips That Will Help You Become A Better Golfer By: Peggy Hutchison –

If you like to play athletic games to bond with family or to relate to your co-workers, consider playing golf.

By: Suzlar

The best way to get your favourite footballers autograph is to ask for it in person, at least that way you can know for certain that it is authentic. However, this can be difficult if for example they live in a different country or if they dont make many public appearances. Rea … Here are a few tips to ensure that you get that much-wanted football autograph every time!

The best way to make your letter stand out is to make it personal. Keep it to the point as well.

If you follow these simple steps you should have no problem getting your favourite football players autograph. However, if your handwriting is messy or illegible then dont worry, a typed out letter will be fine.

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You want to make it as easy as possible for the celebrity to give you an autograph and you can do this by sending a photograph of them that you want signing. It’s not hard to learn, and with practice you can become good at it quickly. A short but polite letter about how much of a fan of their work you are or a comment about the effect theyve had on your life/career will be sufficient. But if you do need a little extra help starting or adding to your collection then why not have a look on Genuine Memorabilias website. Tags: Speak BolaDeer Blinds Online: Make Hunting A Fun Activity! By: GLF – Buying the deer blinds online is a simple process. Also, if you have taken the photo yourself it makes the request a bit more personal and likely to be greatly appreciated by the player. The next best way to get your favourite players autograph is to write to them. The performance of the rifle is again to be evaluated by the experts at Paintbal Holbk.Tags: Paintbal Holbk, PaintbaDigiarty Provides A Different Approach To Watch 2016 Sports Matches By: cynthia – In order to make sports fans keep up with 2016 sports matches, Digiarty Software has developed a new way to watch sports videos including upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games and Euro 2016 matches.Tags: watch sports, download sports, rio 2016, euro 2016

If you do decide to send a photograph to be signed then it might be an idea to place the photo between two stiff pieces of card to ensure that it travels safely in the post. This way the player doesnt have to worry about copying out your address or even paying for the postage. Remember the key is to make it as easy as possible for them to send the autograph!

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You should not take advantage of the kindness of the celebrity by asking for more than 3 autographs for your friends and family. They boast a vast collection of 100% genuine memorabilia so you are bound to find something of interest! Click here for more information!

About the Author:. McGuire – Would you like to read the latest match reports considering FC Pune City!

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Don’t miss out on the fresh FC Pune City tactics…!Tags: ISL Teams, ISL News, HeroISL, Indian Super LeaguePaintball Game Sport With Thrill And Adventure By: ParthaG – The paintball sport is very interesting and adventurous. And when asking for an autograph make sure you do it in a polite manner. You can do this by handwriting it as this will make it look more genuine and as if you have put a lot of effort in. One or two is fine but anymore than this and you are likely to receive none at all! The celebrity wont want to spend too much time reading your letter or signing all your 20 autographs so dont take advantage. Tags: hunting blinds for saleFootball – Reside Scores On Your Computer By: Kain Black – Nowgoal livescore sites provide match live scores, schedules, statistics, results and news to all the sports fans.

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(1) fastest update, instant scores, comprehensive, … But choosing the right rifle is an essential step. To make it even easier for the player to send you their autograph then make sure that you send an appropriate self addressed stamped envelope. Tags: golf push cart, push cartWhere To Receive The Latest Match Report From Pune City Fc? By: Katy M. Just imagine the amount of requests they get everyday!

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You should try and keep the letter as short as possible so as not to bore the reader. A famous player will be inundated with fan mail and requests for autographs so it is important to make sure that your request stands out

Casino-Gaming :: Horse Race Handicapping: Dutching

By placing a varying win bet on each of the three horses, the dollar amounts being dictated by the odds, you will realize a profit no matter which of the three wins. This tell us what the market or pool says the real-time percentage chance each horse has of winning the race. However; even when we win while dutching, we will always have some losing tickets with this method.

Pisces Pleasure3-125$25.00$100.00


With a total outlay of fifty-five dollars, we would expect a profit of forty-five dollars whether Pisces Pleasure, Nostalgic Moment, or Trubble won. In addition, the profit will be approximately the same for each outcome, and you can predetermine it.

Just print the following chart:

So, how do we know how much to wager on each horse in order to guarantee a profit? First, we need to convert the horses’ current odds into a percentage.

As with the stock market, there is a certain degree of volatility in the betting pool. BETPAYOFF

In handicapping, dutching allows a bettor to wager on two or more runners, at different odds, in the same race. It is not at all uncommon to see sizable fluctuations in the odds, especially at smaller tracks. For this example, I assigned a unit value of one dollar to each percentage point. Since dutching allows us to bet on three or four runners, obviously we have a better chance of cashing Xtra Winners. Adequate diversification will include an increased number of investments, allowing those with upward price movements to offset those with downward price movements.

Here is how it works: Assume that through applying a long-shot angle, you have eliminated the non-contenders and are left with three horses. You are confident that one of the three will be victorious but have no particular bias toward any of them. To negate these fluctuations, one should endeavor to wait until the last possible second to place his or her wagers.

. Dutching is the professional handicapper’s equivalent to portfolio diversification. It is covered in detail in my book, Handicapping the Wall Street Way: Picking Xtra Winners at the Track.

Nostalgic Moment4-120$20.00$100.00

ODDSODDSAMT. The math for this is simple, but, in the interest of brevity, I am going to omit it here. Although the value assigned is entirely at each individual handicapper’s discretion, it MUST be the same for each horse. The bets are made in proportion to each horse’s chances of winning, so that no matter which runner prevails, the payoff will be the same. One of the greatest mistakes an investor can make is not properly diversifying his or her portfolio

Sports Betting Tips That You Must Know

Sports betting guidelines will help a person determine whether persons are placing persons bet on the finest team to succeed. One of the most significant sports betting tips as well advice against staking on persons favorite team. If persons are an intelligent bettor a person will need to struggle to get as more information as a person can before actually leasing go of person’s money. A good imperative of thumb is while a person cannot locate it in a person to bet against person’s favorite team, they do not bet for them, also. Interest should not only be the verdict factor in the sports betting, a person has to have the aspiration to know enough concerning the game to establish persons chances of succeeding. The latter just bets without hassling to do their study. Most of the people have turned the sports betting into the money-making undertaking, as well. So, there are lots of tips, which will apprise persons as to which performer did not train very fine that season.

Author’s Bio:

Many people who like gambling and taking options have turned the sports betting into exciting hobby.

Many people who like gambling and taking options have turned the sports betting into exciting hobby. If a person wants to try persons hand at building sports betting a gainful activity, there are lots of matters a person will need to recognize to ensure persons success. In the sports betting, here is a marked differentiation between populace who stake on sporting win and events, and those who position lose and wagers.

The former have in used the time to incorporate enough awareness about the sporting occasion they stake on. Having personal preference supported on emotion can guide to a better creation bad betting judgments.. It is also suitable to read up happening the players of every team to help a persons assess which way a person want to place persons bet

Rapper Heavy D dies at age 44

The cause of death has not been determined, Harvey said.

His hip-hop recording career began in 1987 with his group Heavy D & the Boyz and on his first album he released the hit single “The Overweight Lover’s in the House.” Another one of his breakthrough hits came in 1991 with a remake of the O’Jays’ “Now That We Found Love.”

He rapped on Michael Jackson’s 1991 hit “Jam,” which he performed at last month’s Michael Jackson tribute show in Cardiff, Wales.

His last CD, “Love Opus,” was released this year.

He used his Twitter account Monday night to express sadness about the death of boxer Joe Frazier:. Tuesday, police sayHe performed last month at the Michael Jackson tribute in WalesThe rapper’s real name was Dwight Arrington Myers

Rapper Heavy D collapsed in his Beverly Hills home Tuesday morning and died a short time later at a Los Angeles hospital, according to police and the coroner. “SMOKIN JOE FRAZIER..RIP.. He was 44.

Heavy D’s rapping was featured on Janet Jackson’s 1990 hit “Alright.”

He also composed and performed the theme songs several television shows, including “In Living Color,” “MADtv” and “The Tracy Morgan Show.”

He was pronounced dead in the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon, according to Los Angeles County coroner’s operations chief Craig Harvey. GODS SPEED,MR FRAZIER!”

Heavy D’s last Twitter message, posted late Monday, was: “BE INSPIRED!”

Heavy D also pursued an acting career, which included mostly roles on TV shows and movies.

Heavy D, whose real name is Dwight Arrington Myers, was found conscious with difficulty breathing at his home after police were called there at 11:25 a.m., the Beverly Hills police said in a news release.

He played a courthouse guard in the Eddie Murphy film “Tower Heist,” released last weekend.

Story highlightsHeavy D died in the ER at Cedars-Sinai, the coroner’s office saysBeverly Hills police were called to his home at 11:25 a.m. truly one of the best heavyweight champs that ever lived.

Playing The Odds In Life

For deep thoughts, inventions, new product ideas, business ideas, story ideas, political and economic theories, and a free course on How To Have New Ideas, visit :

Is it better for you to be a lawyer or a novelist? Can you make this decision rationally? In poker there is one clear goal – making money. Your investment odds are above 1 (above 100% return according to the odds), meaning this is a good bet, the kind you’ll win with over time. But some choose to go for the business route anyhow, because even if it requires failing several times, the potential “jackpot” is far larger, both in terms of money and personal satisfaction and freedom. The chance of success is lower, but if you do succeed, you’ll have much more satisfaction n your life. This is what we already do intuitively. It seems likely that many lives have been diminished by chasing after low-probability dreams when high-probability alternatives with a decent reward were there for the choosing.

Probabilitism? I just invented the word to describe an ideology of living life according to the odds, or more specifically, making decisions according to them. No one can understand better than you what you value and how you value it, or even how capable you are in a given area. How can you use this then?

This isn’t enough information, however, because you haven’t taken into account your investment odds. Life, after all, is all about making decisions, and we need some guide for making better ones.

The “numbers” in such “life calculations” as these are guesses, and not even very educated ones, so probabilitism isn’t ready to be a systematic tool for decision making. In the rest of life there are many goals and values, so you have to recognize the most important one in this case. You might see that the highest possible level of life-satisfaction is of primary importance. Here is the exact formula: [(Expected size of pot)(Probability of winning)] / (Your total bet from this point on).

Throw Away The Numbers

In the last round of betting, you have three kings. The probability of success in the restaurant business may be 15% in general, for example, but you may be so committed and prepared that you have a 85% probability of succeeding. To make this an explicit ideology for making decisions in life, we need to understand the idea of “investment odds,” a term used by poker players.

Your Investment Odds

Let’s consider this from another perspective, that of a man who would be far happier succeeding as a movie star than in business. Should you stay?

Using Probabilitism

The most common explicit guide to decision making is morality. With these many possible options, we have just the usual guides to decision and action, which include feelings, advice from others, and our general intuition about which choices are better.

Naturally, these various factors, from how much you enjoy the process, to how probable success is, are individual. If, for whatever reason, the odds of him being a star are low enough, and he could be content inheriting his father’s business, choosing the latter would be the right decision. To be a lawyer, you would have to go through years of schooling that you don’t enjoy, and work hard to pay for it, but you enjoy the work of writing, and can start with very little money.

You expect a pot of $250, which you multiply by the probability of winning (.2, also expressed as 20% or 1-in-5), to arrive at $50. You also need to take into account the amount you’ll win and the amount you’ll bet. Money will help with that, but it is a lesser goal, and only important to the extent to which it helps promote the primary goal.. The reward or “pot” in this case, is potentially much higher in the case of being a novelist. The bet is $40 to you. Many people, for example, face a decision like whether to go get a job or to start a business. Now to apply this to life decisions.

You can keep the basic idea in mind as you make decisions, and let your intuition operate according to its guiding principle. We all do this intuitively already. You must be the one to decide what “numbers” to plug into a formula like this.

From that intuitive part of the process, probabilitism extracts the general idea of making choices based on the probabilities of them giving us the most of what we value. If you bet with bad investment odds (below 1), you’ll eventually lose money. Actually, you have to go beyond the odds of winning the hand, which are merely “event-odds.” The odds of a specific event occurring (your hand winning) aren’t enough information. The odds of being a successful writer are far lower, and you think you could be satisfied with either career, so you figure the probability of being happy as a lawyer is slightly better.

The idea, then, is to play the odds, but not just the odds of success. In terms of making money next year, the odds are much better with the job of course, and people know that. You also need to take into account the “bet” or investment (time, stress, reputation, money, work) and the amount of the reward or “pot” (profits, pleasure, ability to help others, peace of mind, satisfaction,). Your investment is also lower. You estimate that you have a 1-in-5 probability of winning if you stay to the end. Researching the two professions you discover that the average novelist makes just $3,000 per year, while as a lawyer you are virtually guaranteed a decent living. Probabilitism makes it a more conscious and hopefully more effective process.

Author’s Bio:

Copyright Steve Gillman. For example, when a man isn’t sure whether to start a business or keep his job, his intuition may at some point urge him to go for the business, because it has a higher probability of rewarding him according to what he values. This amount divided by your expected $40 bet equals 1.25. However, this only eliminates some choices, leaving us with a sub-set of acceptable ones. Essentially, this is the idea of investment odds operating at an intuitive or unconscious level.

Now you look at each possible choice. This premise is sound, but our knowledge just isn’t up to task of identifying the true odds or the true value of things when it comes to an individual life and the decisions in it

How Women Can Find And Attract Their Mr Right

I understand. After all, you can’t contract herpes twice, right?

Some very good tips on where a good man goes have been discussed so many times that my suggesting them will seem redundant. This led to more depression and pain than when I was lonely!

Also, your self-worth plays a very important role. When a convention that you are interested in comes to town, attend it! You

Go to coffee shops. I’m talking about successful, socially healthy, good looking men who enjoy the outdoors. I didn’t care about what the woman was like, I just wanted to feel attractive. However, my intentions are far from trying to fuel redundancy. People hit only what they aim at, and this goes for women looking for men as well.

Now you have some ideas on where to find a good man and how you should go about looking for mr right . Right, rarely works. I am a firm believer that repetition is the key to mastery, and the more you hear something the more likely you’ll be in acting on it and using it.

The power of focus is undeniable. What would a good man think of a woman who was dressed like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman? He’d think she was a tramp and do anything in his power to avoid her and the possible STD’s that she contracted. Same goes for women.

If you have a resume and would like a job in your particular field, would you apply to all jobs available? I don’t think so.

First, men are visual creatures. If you’re too lazy, allow me to reiterate. Men who play golf are generally better off financially, healthier, and more likely to deal with frustration than men who don’t. It is your life, and only when you know exactly what you want will you be able to take any advice and use it to its full potential.

Have you ever been to a convention? If you haven’t, I can tell you that you will have at least one common interest with all the men there, giving you an excellent chance of finding a good man that you’re compatible with.

When I chat with my female friends about this issue they all say something along the lines of “no shit”.

A while ago, when I first started understanding the power of focus, I sat down and wrote four pages worth of notes detailing what I wanted in a woman. What you think of yourself and what you believe you deserve will attract a guy that will match it. Most people link drinking coffee with social interaction, and if you strategically position yourself next to a guy sitting by himself, a conversation is almost guaranteed to start up.

Before embarking on any mission, you must know the destination. Maybe it’s because I am a good man and know where a good man goes to meet women. Everything from the color of her hair and eyes to her values and morals. Not only will you have the opportunity to mingle with volunteers, but you’ll also get the opportunity to meet other men who actually work at the institution you are volunteering in.

I could go on all day. Remember that old saying “love is blind”? It’s true. This is especially true in finding a good man .

The shotgun method, whether you are looking for a job or looking for Mr. If you project a sex kitten aura, guess what? Guys are going to want to have sex with you.

Now that you understand focus, what can you do to succeed in finding a good man and attract your ideal mr right ? Please allow me to tell you.

Be careful on where you decide to volunteer. And so on.. Coffee shops are awesome to start up conversation and an excellent place to frequent if you are having problems finding a good man for yourself. Coincidence? I think not.

Speaking of sports, why not play golf? You know how many men are out on the course at any given time? A ton! And I’m not talking about old men here either. I have no idea what you think Mr. So why were you at Kokomo’s last night dressed like an eastern European call girl?

When I was having problems meeting women, I went out and tried to attract all of them. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

The appearance of a woman (not necessarily her looks) plays a major part in who she ends up with. If you think you’re pathetic, you’ll get yourself a pathetic man. You don’t want to volunteer at a place where there are only women. You know, the ones with nice leather couches and attractive men working on their lap tops. Right is like so I am not here to tell you should be looking for. If you want a pervert, hang out at a strip club. He has tried many seduction programs and provides free tips to seduce women on his site and through his official newsletter.

Well, if this advice was so well known, why are women finding themselves with the same kind of man every time? The answer lies in how you present yourself and the methods you use to attract men.

Sharpening your focus toward finding exactly what you want is the only way you’ll ever get it. Not focusing on what you want will leave you running around in circles like a headless chicken. Psychology teaches that whatever we focus on we move toward. And even when it does, it usually ends up a failure (unless you’re lucky). Common sense that is thrown right out the window when it comes to love. This applies to all areas in life, not just love and relationships. It is very easy finding a good man at the golf course, but I rarely see women there looking for mr right . Make sure that the cause you are about to help in is a place where a good man goes . Thank God because I wouldn’t have used this if I had to run the distance of a million football fields. Usually it is broken down in 5 and 10 mile distances. How about volunteering somewhere? What kind of man volunteers? You got it! He’s a caring, unselfish man who will do everything he can to make you happy. You can use it with everything!t large crowds. He’s independent, self sufficient, and will probably be very helpful in a relationship. I’m actually worrying myself knowing all this stuff on where to find a good man. God knows I was one of those men. You’ll make us feel better for crawling along like sloths.

Okay, so church isn’t your thing. That should be enough to place your first bid, no?

All I’m doing here is writing about common sense. After all, a “good man” is different for all women and until you fully understand what it is you are looking for, you’ll never find it. I read over those pages every night and within a month I met the woman of my dreams. Well, not that many, but you get the idea.

If you’re looking for a drunk, manipulative man, go to bar. Why? I have no idea. If you want a drug addict, hang out in an alley. How you present yourself and the things you do will influence the type of men that you attract.

If your goal is finding a good man , start thinking like one. It is up to you to tweak those ideas into ones that fit your personality, needs, and wants. The quest of looking for mr right is one that you can succeed with just one simple change in focus and a few tips on where a good man goes .

Even if you did just concentrate on your field, would you send as many resumes as you could to as many companies as possible? Most people do.

My “shotgun” approach to attraction was a failure. Try Greenpeace or anything to do with the outdoors – any sport is ideal.

I find it really funny when girls who complain about not finding a good man go out on the town dressed like hookers with a ton of make-up on. Not only did I attract far fewer women than I had hoped, but the ones I did were not my type!

You can also just walk at a charity marathon, meeting a lot of guys who are doing the same. Seriously, do they think finding a good man means going out looking like that?

Alright, so I bet you’re wondering: “So, when are you going to tell me where to find a good good man for myself?” If you are thinking this, go up a few paragraphs and read again. Not only do I refuse to run long distances, I also can’t run. Unconsciously, they base a lot of their attraction on looks. Your focus should be laser-like, concentrating on only the type of man you are looking to attract.

How about church? I know you must be cringing at those words, but think about it…if a man is at church on Sunday morning, what’s the chance that he was out getting hammered the night before? Even if he was hammered, he’s thoughtful enough to attend church with his mother. So when I tell you finding a good man at the grocery store is very easy, you shouldn’t be surprised. But you already knew that. A guy that’s doing his own grocery shopping says a lot about him. These marathons almost never require you to complete the entire route and are not competitive. Nobody, especially a guy on the Internet, can tell you exactly where a good man goes because only you know what your mr right is like. Either that or try and sleep with her. So it’s about time you focus on where your mr right should be then you’ll have a chance conquering the blindness that many women experience.

Take part in a marathon that is for charity. Ask the researchers.

Good luck.

Author’s Bio:

Jesse Allen is the main contributor to the website and freelance writer. You are going to have to figure that out on your own. Discovering where to find a good man depends on what you think a man should be.

Now, let’s get something straight here. The key to finding a good man is focus!


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If you are having trouble finding a good man , chances are you have no idea where to find them or even worse, you have no idea what a good man is. So yah, chat with the good guys like me. I can tell you out of experience that no man wants to be with a woman who thinks she’s not worthy unless he too thinks the same about himself

The Best Way To Win Lottery Games


This is a problem I’m positive all people who has performed the lottery has requested on their own. Granted you may get lucky but you do not want to engage in with just luck alone. However….. And one of her favorite topics is autism. some is just pure luck based, *cough* slot devices.;) But most gambling normally requires capabilities, understanding from the recreation and naturally luck. Her passion is writing. Her own life being touch by autism,…

How You Can Secure Lottery Games| Enjoy Intelligent!. As with any type of gambling the odds are stacked versus you except you are the “home”. But after I asked the question, “the way to secure lottery”?, I started studying the lottery and failed several moments. I performed the lotto for ten+ years and certainly not created any dollars. The most important matter to understand about these video games is You might have TO ENGAGE IN GOOD! When you just go in and perform your going to shed. Most of your time people will drop much extra then they’d prefer to admit. Understand the sport you participate in, realize how it performs and you will increase your odds of successful. Granted We have not won a jackpot….. In the event you do not do this, then you certainly should not be playing!

Learning tips on how to secure the lottery just isn’t some myth. This kind of game titles contain, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, sports activities, horse races and so forth. But then you will discover the tiny percentage of individuals, that studied the sport, played wise and greater their odds of winning. Any person who has performed the lottery ought to know that the odds of successful the lottery are pretty minimal specifically when you can find a good deal of folks enjoying. when you know the odds therefore you review the game you will be playing you are able to raise the odds of winning the lottery by an enormous percentage!

I used to be a blackjack supplier at a casino for several a long time, so I can inform you at this time I am aware just a little bit about wagering. $10,000 in two weeks is usually a damned good volume of cash in the event you inquire me! Honestly once you figure out the process and what it is possible to do to enhance your odds, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED! Successful the lottery is easy after you realize what to perform!

Author’s Bio:

She is the mother to 5. But then I came throughout the Lotto Black E-Book and imagine it or not I’ve made through $ten,000 inside the 1st two weeks of utilizing this system. but I’ve won a couple of smaller prizes with the phone numbers I’ve hit. But if your very good at blackjack you’ll be able to improve yours odds of successful to 50%! That is a huge achieve! That’s like flipping a coin! It might not sound like good odds, but think me, if you are intelligent You are going to stroll out with more cash then you definitely came in with! So the query stays, “the way to win lottery”?!

In case you seriously need to know the way to acquire lottery, then you definately should participate in good! You will find numerous types of playing, but none payout like profitable the lottery! You can find quite a few types of betting….. I’ve watched many individuals throw away a good deal of money to attempt and secure

Can Squidoo-HubPages Do This? NO (Includes How To File an IC3)

I plan to leave my Squidoo account “as is” and delete everything by midnight on August 31st, 2014.

Squidoo states: “We do have somepartners that send ussmallpayments late, and those, along with payments below the threshold [of $25],will be donated to the Acumen Fund.”

These are only shown to authors (the public doesn’t see them). They both knew the content belongs to each individual writer. My latest article,Is HubPages Hanging Squids Out to Dry? takes a look at how Google’sPanda, Penguin, and Pirate updates may be impacting HubPages.

My final response to Bonnie Diczhazy?

Wise, but too bad this wasn’t addressed sooner.

Author’s note: In the back of my mind I wonder if that big green transfer button was clicked on enough times for Seth et al. I have provided screenshot proof and pertinent links and quotes in my articleRegret Your HubPages-Squidoo Transfer or Content Deletion? Help to Get Your Earnings Back.

Guess who owns that key content? Writers (not Squidoo). On February 20th, 2013, InfoBarrel’s admin posted Introducing Scoring For Articles.

Oh my, Bonnie and Seth visited me (and others)After 4 yrs on Squidoo, I know who dropped by. Sadly, rms works for Squidoo:Squidoo and HubPages Comments Section

Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved

My August 18th, 2014 Squidoo Payout StatementHmmm, if everyone is owed $20, how much does the Acumen Fund (which Seth Godin is an advisor for) get?Screenshot of sousababy's money held in reserve

Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved

Don’t Throw Your Pearls

Seth Godin seems to feel he is acting in the lensmasters’ best interests.

We own our work.

DebW07’s article titled How to Get Featured on The Homepage of InfoBarrel.

Now I ask you fellow (or former) lensmasters:

Why would “some partners” even bother to pay on time now? They know Squidoo is selling out. What exactly is a “small” payment ($100, $3, $500, $1,000)? When did we (as lensmasters) agree that anything under $25 was to be donated (allegedly) to the Acumen Fund? What exactly is deemed the “highest rated” and “most useful” content? Content that makes the most money for the writing platform [HubPages, Squidoo] or for the writer (who owns it)? Wonder why the push to “set up” your HubPages account?

As soon as you are a willing participant in this grand plan, you’ll lose any legal recourse to get your content back. By doing so, you may get some or all of your deserved income back and no longer be “held to” any Terms of Use at HubPages. They caused much grief, unrest, and needless worry to hundreds of honest writers. I reported unethical practices on Squidoo numerous times – unfortunately, most of these reports were met with indifference or worse.

Here are the updated FAQ’s too [URL].

If every writer has $5 or $10 or $24.99 “donated” to the Acumen Fund (or wherever), that will add up to a lot of money.

A screenshot of the notable changes are shown next.

Screenshot of Revised FAQ (Squidoo and HubPages)

Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel

Final Thoughts

I want to thank everyone who visited and shared this article. to secure the deal with HubPages (of course, we’ll never know the details). Our work is NOT Squidoo’s to sell. Our content should not be bartered (without our express permission first) in this entire transaction.

Oh and do you think that HubPages pays writers more?

I’m certain the timing (Friday at 5 pm, last two weeks of August) was intentional.

By deleting a Squidoo account before September, writers will lose both July’s (and almost all of) August’s earnings. Article scores are determined by InfoBarrel’s own algorithm (and human editors read the work submitted).

You get 1 point for an article which scores 41 or higher (which is 500 or more words). You get 2 points for an article which scores 41 or higher (which is 800 or more words). You get 5 points for an article which scores 41 or higher (which is 1000 or more words). And Wow, There are Bonus PercentagesIf you achieve more than 30 points, you get 85% of the Adsense Share. If you achiever more than 20 points, you get 80% of the Adsense Share. So, you can even make 90% Ad Share

By submitting 5 articles in the month to the editorial calendar (remember, they need to “fit” the topic you submit them to – or they won’t count), you can increase your ad share to a maximum of 5% more.

What about Amazon?

Oh I almost forgot, you earn 100% of your Amazon revenue (whatever percentage Amazon permits) when you use plain Amazon text links in your article on InfoBarrel.. Squidoo does not claim ownership of the Content you place on your Lens. Justmake sure that your affiliate code is in your settings on InfoBarrel (in your advertising profile).

Want to Learn More About InfoBarrel?

I highly recommend classicalgeek’s article A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing on InfoBarrel.

Exactly. I am in the process of deleting all such pins from my Pinterest boards.

With the flurry of people on holidays, preparing their kids for back-to-school, Seth Godin with the HubPages executives are sitting back waiting to see “how many” lensmasters take the bait.

In jurisprudence, this looks like coercionwhile under duress. A friend of mine (formerly on Squidoo) just deleted all of his HugDug articles.

My comparison of the two platforms (this is a 100% charity article): InfoBarrel Or Squidoo | Why I Prefer InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel is Getting a Complete OverhaulOn July 11th, 2014 InfoBarrel’s admin, affectionately known as Mr. With contests, writers can earn bonuses ($100, $50, $25).

Plus, each article submitted to InfoBarrel’s editorial calendar increases yourad share for the next month by 1% (to a maximum of 5%).

How Points Work on InfoBarrel

There is no lensrank system on InfoBarrel. Of course, my earnings are held in trust by other parties right now, I understand.

Since I will be on vacation soon (up until about 11 pm ET August 31st, 2014). So far, almost all of myarticles start out with a score between 60 and 66 (in green) and increase with social sharing and interaction. 31st

Based on commentary in InfoBarrel’s forum thread, I felt it wise to add another screenshot of the newly revisedSquidoo and HubPages Transition FAQ (shown above).

Will you be boycotting domain names with Squidoo, HupPages and HugDug too? Are you going to publish your work elsewhere or on your own blog/sites?Let me know in the comments below. There’s no “good note” for me.

A Screenshot of the Newly Revised FAQNewly revised FAQ Squidoo and HubPages

Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel

Data (aka Content) not moved until SeptemberTherefore, it must be okay to close accounts Aug. No one knows.

It Gets Worse

Reading through the fine print (and cleverly worded FAQ[3] page) I discovered a few more “potential” problems you should be aware of:

Since it states that “your data will be moved automatically to HubPages in September” (remember your data includes your content – which you own). Therefore, I am writing this to give you time to think about the facts (and potential legalities) before you decide how your content should be profited from and by whom.

I am a writer.

Credit: David Turnbull on flickr / Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

What is Ethical and Fair

Writers on Squidoo deserve to be paid any (and all) monies earned from their lenses. They appear as a number in a box at the end of your article’s title. It stands to reason that lensmasters can delete everything on August 31st, 2014 by midnight ET.

Only time will tell if Squidoo has actually ended their relationship with content owners – the writers – on a good note.

Both Seth Godin andPaul Edmondson knew Squidoo’s Terms of Service. They deserve and are legally entitled to be paid right up until the last day that their content is posted online (or Squidoo’s last day online).


InfoBarrel does. If you use plain Amazon text links you get 100%.

InfoBarrel uses your author ID 75 to 90% of the time and 10 to 25% is with InfoBarrel’s ID when you use the Amazon Product module. The way this works is that the modules show the writer’s ID 75% to 90% of the time and the rest is with IB’s ID. Serious White Cat (shown at right) posted Exciting News about InfoBarrel V4.0.

Wondering about article scores? I did too.

Thanks for your feedback, and of course, our hope is that people willfind exactly the right platform to put their work going forward.

That way, I can collect my share of earnings (my maximum earnings) that I split 50 – 50 with Squidoo for all of July and August 2014. The Content will be owned by you or a third party from whom you got permission to post the content.

Warning: As soon as you accept a “forced” transfer of your work to HubPages, you are a willing participant. Thanks!Google Analytics screenshot showing Mentor, New York, Orlando (multiple visits)

Credit: RoseWrites on InfoBarrel / All rights reserved

August 19th, 2014 at 7:35 pm ETBonnie Diczhazy emailed me the following:


How much will Seth Godin and associated parties make from selling our content to HubPages?

Addendum August 16th, 2014: claudslewis explained in the comments below:

If you use the Amazon modules on IB you do share a small percentage of earnings through them. Take good care, Rose

Thousands of high quality pages (which do not belong to Squidoo) are part of the “sale” of Squidoo to HubPages. I firmly believe that without bringing these issues to light, that this may never have been rectified. It states that in their own Terms of Service[2] (TOS):

The content: who owns it?

As a Lensmaster, you will be able to incorporate various forms of Content into your Lenses. In fact, with InfoBarrel, writers can earn even more than 75%revenue share. This is theft – writers will have earned money for Squidoo for these two months will not be paid it unless they agree to a forced transfer of their work.

Oh, I think that when the payment threshold was moved to $25, Seth Godin knew exactly what he was going to do.

Tapping a Pencil

Credit: Rennett Stowe on flickr / Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Before You Go to HubPagesConsider what you are giving away

Yesterday, around 5 pm on Friday, August 15th, 2014, Seth Godin announced that “HubPages is acquiring key content from Squidoo.”[1]


I have chosen to no longer visit, share, like or support any work that contains URLs with the domain names Squidoo, HugDug or HubPages (or anything related to these sites). And Squidoo will stand to make even more money from your work.

What will you be doing with your content on Squidoo?

Addendum October 27th, 2014

You can file an IC3 report (free of charge, without a lawyer). I also discovered on Seth’s Blog Squidthanks that hewrote:

Last week, we announced HubPages is acquiring the key assets of Squidoo and HugDug.

I never contributed to HugDug, but I did a search of the original announcement and the word HugDug never came up

Types of fraud in E-commerce

Instead, they use middlemen whose details are used to make the purchases and who then forward the goods.

Clean Fraud

Clean frauds name is misleading, because theres nothing clean about it. Another technical method is known as pharming, in which manipulated browsers direct unsuspecting customers to fraudulent websites. So what does this fraud look like, exactly? A study asked 274 merchants from various industries in six countries precisely this question. This is where criminals who use stolen payment data to pay for their purchases dont want to have them sent to their home addresses. The order data and credit card numbers are now almost impossible to connect, so the fraud usually remains undiscovered for a longer period of time, resulting in greater damages.

Merchant Fraud

Merchant fraud is another method which must be mentioned. Instead of having to come up with a completely new identity to do this, they simply take over an existing one. Alternative payment methods are also attracting criminals. Then, however, they deliberately initiate a chargeback, claiming that their credit card or account details were stolen. These involve hackers muscling in on communications between customers and merchants (or between customers and banks) in order to siphon off login data.

According to 69 per cent of the merchants surveyed, sales via third-party websites like Amazon, Alibaba or eBay are particularly susceptible to fraud. Almost exactly the same number (51 per cent) have great difficulty in maintaining an overview of the various fraud prevention tools in different countries. The number of fraud cases has increased by 19 per cent compared to 2013, and this is the fourth successive time that fraud growth has exceeded e-commerce growth. The third point in the fraud triangle involves using the stolen credit card data to make additional purchases. Out of every $100 in turnover, fraudsters currently snatch 5.65 cents.

We havent even mentioned the opportunities involved in intercepting credit cards sent by mail, for example, or in copying credit cards in restaurants and hotels or at cash machines. Already, though, the true extent of the identity theft problem is apparent.

Friendly Fraud

In fourth place is what the merchants surveyed refer to as friendly fraud. The basic principle of clean fraud is that a stolen credit card is used to make a purchase, but the transaction is then manipulated in such a way that fraud detection functions are circumvented. A great deal of correct information is then entered during the payment process so that the fraud detection solution is fooled. Here, credit cards are the most popular target, as a fraudster does not need much to carry out a card not present transaction.

E-commerce revenue is constantly increasing, but the number of fraud cases, as well as the percentage of fraud in online transactions, is increasing faster still. This fraud method is particularly prevalent with services, such as those in the gambling or adult milieus.

The second corner of the fraud triangle involves using other stolen credit card data and the name collected to order goods at a real store and ship them to the original customer. The first is a fake online storefront, which offers high-demand goods at extremely low prices. Phishing, on the other hand, simply involves using fraudulent websites, emails or text messages to access personal data. Often, all that is required to appropriate someones identity is a stolen password. This sounds friendlier than it really is: using this method, customers order goods or services and pay for them preferably using a pull payment method like a credit card or direct debit. These are followed by mobile sales (mentioned by 64 per cent) and sales via their own online shops (55 per cent).

In clean fraud, criminals use sound analyses of the fraud detection systems deployed, plus a great deal of knowledge about the rightful owners of their stolen credit cards. Its very simple: goods are offered at cheap prices, but are never shipped. The falsified shop collects address and credit card data this is its only purpose.

Karsten Witke, Head of Payment Services Risk, PPRO Group

While the increase itself is nothing new (there has been more e-commerce fraud every year since 1993), the rate is impressive. This can be done either using a fully automated process or by getting real people to log into merchants sites using fake accounts. They are reimbursed but they keep the goods or services. In most cases, additional bait is added, like the information that the goods will only be shipped immediately if the goods are paid for using a credit card. According to 58 per cent of those surveyed, the major challenge in fraud prevention is a lack of system integration to provide a unified view of all their transactions across all markets. Much more know-how is required here than with friendly fraud, where the only goal is to cancel the payment once a purchase has been made.. The payments are, of course, kept. Language barriers, as well as the difficulty of keeping international tabs on individual customers, pose additional fraud management challenges.

Different Devices

Fraud methods vary depending on the sales channel, and the fact that most merchants aim to achieve multi-channel sales does not make the situation any easier.

Image Credit: Gustavo Frazao / Shutterstock

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Fraud is not exclusive to credit card payments, however. In traditional identity theft, the criminals goal is to carry out transactions using a different identity. This can be used to take over an existing account with an online shop in most cases, the payment data is already stored in the account.

Friendly fraud also tends to be combined with re-shipping. Before clean fraud is committed, card testing is often carried out. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their use of malware to command online banking logins via phones, tablets and computers, using the stolen bank account details to make fraudulent payments. This enables them, for example, to order items online under a false name and pay using someone elses credit card information or by debiting another persons account. It is not specific to any particular payment method, but this is, of course, where no-chargeback payment methods (most of the push payment types) come into their own.

More International Fraud

On average, the merchants who participated in the study do business in 14 countries. This method of fraud also exists in wholesale. 52 per cent also see increased international transactions as a challenge. But what types of fraud exist and more importantly how can we protect ourselves against them?

The Nilsen Reportuses the example of card-based payments to illustrate the point: Internet payment fraud is constantly increasing, and is, apparently, unstoppable.

In order to commit identity theft or appropriate someones identity, fraudsters target personal information, such as names, addresses and email addresses, as well as credit card or account information. The most common types of fraud are explained below.

Identity Theft

According to the study, the most common types of fraud causing concern among merchants are identity theft (71 per cent), phishing (66 per cent) and account theft (63 per cent). This type of fraud is payment-method-neutral, but extremely widely distributed.

Triangulation Fraud

During triangulation fraud, the fraud is carried out via three points. This is easier to do and usually much faster.

Of course, hacker attacks on e-commerce providers and stealing customer data also fall under this fraud category, as does using malware on computers to commit identity theft by spying out sensitive data. This involves making cheap test purchases online to check that the stolen credit card data works.

Affiliate Fraud

There are two variations of affiliate fraud, both of which have the same aim: to glean more money from an affiliate program by manipulating traffic or signup statistics. Man-in-the-middle attacks are even more sophisticated