Blackjack player sues Illinois casino over injury by chair

Apparently Mr. Nemanich was seated at the blackjack tables enjoying a typical day around the felt, when the game’s dealer made an odd request. However, the lawsuit alleges that, “the chair he was instructed to move to was designed for a roulette table and was a different height than the chairs for the blackjack table.”

On Wednesday, Nemanich filed a lawsuit in the Will County Circuit Court (Nemanich Norman vs. Nemanich is suing has not been disclosed.

The specifics surrounding the blackjack player’s injury have not been released, but somehow, due to the alleged extended height of the chair, Mr. HC Joliet, LLC; Case # 2015L 000071) that tells a bizarre tale of gross negligence on the part of the Illinois casino. According to Norman Nemanich, his experience at the Hollywood Casino Joliet in Illinois was anything but comfortable.

When observing similar images, also taken from the Illinois casino’s website and depicting the establishment’s roulette tables (see image below), there doesn’t actually seem to be any chairs at all. Note that everyone situated around the two roulette tables in the image are standing.

Based on photographs of the gaming floor taken from the Hollywood Casino Joliet website, the chairs surrounding the blackjack tables and other card games (see image right) appear to be of standard height and officious, ergonomic design.

The previous conjecture was based largely upon sarcasm, of course, but it doesn’t seem too far fetched when compared to the logic posed in the actual lawsuit filed against the Illinois casino earlier this week. The court filing indicates that the dealer asked Mr. Nemanich, it was the staff’s misconduct that led to him being severely – and permanently – injured.

The incident occurred in January of 2014 at Hollywood Casino Joliet’s blackjack tables. The amount for which Mr. A hearing has been scheduled in the Will County Court to be held on May 26, 2015 at 9:00am. Perhaps when more details concerning the defendant’s spill from the ‘wrong chair’ and ensuing injuries are released, it will sound more plausible and a bit less like one of the countless frivolous lawsuits filed against multi-million dollar corporations each year.

Norman Nemanich has retained the services of Attorney Thomas Manzella of Block, Klukas and Manzella, PC. Nemanich to “move over to the chair next to him”.. Preliminary ConjectureBlackjack at Hollywood Casino Joliet

We all like to be comfortable when seated at a table–any table, really–but when it’s a blackjack table at an upscale commercial casino, we are often subject to elevated levels of comfort. That’s because it is every casino’s goal to keep their players at the tables for as long as possible. Nemanich claims to have taken a nasty spill from the seat, resulting in “severe and permanent injuries”.

Roulette at Hollywood Casino JolietMaybe it’s a case of shortages in the facility’s furnishings that are to blame? Perhaps Hollywood Casino Joliet ran out of the appropriate sized chairs normally found round the circumference of the blackjack tables, so they filled the gaps with taller chairs meant for the casino’s roulette players?

Up to this point, the defendant claims that he was “engaged in blackjack and sitting in a blackjack chair”. According to Mr

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