My friend is sport Gambling addict and I feel guilty ?

Here is a link for more infor on G.A.

There is something called “GA” or Gamblers Anonymous, and I am sure you could find something online for your friend.

Gambling is really rough, and unfortunately the only way anybody learns is after they have lost enough, and they get tired of losing their hard earned money.

I live in Nevada, so I can gamble anytime I want and I have lost entire paychecks the night I got them, and it’s HORRIBLE, but the only way I ever learned to either not gamble, or only gamble when I do have a LITTLE BIT of money that I can afford to lose, was to learn the hard way.

Gambling is weird, because it’s not really winning money that is addicting, it’s the excitement that comes with playing, and even if I win and leave the casino, I still want to keep playing, but I learned to just leave!

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